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Welcome to the cratedigger’s paradise. On Tracklib you can find great, unique, songs to sample in many ways.

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Dig in and search, browse and discover tracks. Listen to our collections of great music to sample, or browse by Genre, Region, Label or Artist. If you want to dig deep, use our filters to narrow your search by Release Date, Song Key, BPM, Genre or Region.

Fill your crates

Build your library

Download audio files for one credit. You can download a track you’ve previously purchased as many times as you want, even if you stop your subscription. Press the ⭐ to favorite your track or loop for quick access, or the ➕ to add them to your personal collections.



Create Loops, add Beats and adjust Pitch

Use the Loop function to create and play perfectly chopped loops in any song. Choose between 1, 2, 4 and 8 bars. For extra inspiration, add Beats of various genres to your loop to explore the possibilities of your sample. To slow down or speed up your sample, use the Pitch functionality.


Upload your music to your profile

Upload songs with unlicensed samples to your profile to show off your skills and productions. Use this feature to pitch music to artists and labels or just collect your work in progress.